Seriously, all of the German-language names must have sounded pretty bad…

19 October 2009


Finally, an evening where it’s not cold and rainy (in fact, just cold), and I can go out and see all of the buildings lit up for the annual Festival of Lights in Berlin. Yep, they don’t even bother to translate it into German – no idea why. There’s stuff all over the city, but tonight I just walked down the main street in the central district, Unter den Linden. Mostly, it gave me a chance to mess with the various manual exposure times and aperture settings on our Canon point-and-shoot.

Started off at Pariser Platz, with the Brandenburger Tor:


Unfortunately, the only tripod I had was a mini Gorillapod, so almost all of these pictures were taken from bench level, where I could keep the camera steady. Even so, as long as random people didn’t wander in front of me too much, most of the pictures turned out decently.

On Unter Den Linden, the linden trees were all lit up in different colors, too:


I even took a few looking straight up from the benches:


At the other end, the cathedral had this really cool projected-pattern thing going on, but it was really hard to photograph. I messed around with settings for a good ten minutes before I finally got something decent and decided to move on (the benches around there are all stone, and really cold):


That probably would have been even cooler if they’d turned off those lights in the second floor windows…

Finally, I got a ton of pictures of the TV tower in different colors with my gorillapod wrapped around a railing 30 feet above the river Spree (thankfully, the camera didn’t fall in)…


That’s all, now back to work.


One Response to “Seriously, all of the German-language names must have sounded pretty bad…”

  1. G & G Humbarger said

    The pictures are beautiful! Too bad you couldn’t
    have spent a week viewing and photographing all of
    the Festival. The colors came out well and are spectacular
    night shots.

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