I’m intrigued, but I know that nobody would actually play it with me

20 October 2009


Yes, it’s a board game based on The Pillars of the Earth (one of my all-time favorites, and at least partly to blame for the four years of my life spent studying medieval history).  Strategy-type card/board games like this are really big business in Germany (think Settlers of Catan, another game I’d love to play if I could find people to play it with), and the fact that this one won the 2007 Spielerpreis (actually kinda prestigious) means that it’s probably pretty good. Unfortunately, of course, it’s in German, which probably means that it would eventually occupy the space underneath the CSI board game on our shelf (as in, played even less).


2 Responses to “I’m intrigued, but I know that nobody would actually play it with me”

  1. G & G Humbarger said

    You could play this with Scott or Brian someday because
    they both enjoy board games. They will have to learn some
    German first, then will challenge you.
    Scott said he has been playing board games with his friends
    at Pomona.

  2. Carol said

    You’re a throwback to the old German ancestors. The REALLY old ones – like from the middle ages. Follet is my favorite author ever but Lie Down with Lions my favorite – obviously why I spawned a CIA analyst!! Carry on – in spite of all doubts I’m sure you will find a satisfying career 😉 xo c

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