If you search long enough, eventually you will find exactly what you are looking for…

10 December 2009

…and that can be any number of things, but for me, it was concrete evidence that people linked to the West German government were telling refugees to go home. Not indirectly (I’ve seen enough of that), but straight up.

Then today, in a letter from the leader of the “Association for the Victims of Stalinism” to the Federal Minister for all-German Questions: Im Zusammenhang mit dem von uns bereits früher Vorgetragenem möchten wir noch folgendes mitteilen: In den 8 Wochen unserer Organisations-Arbeit haben wir einige 100 Menschen aus der Ostzone, die sich teilweise schon in Berlin um ihre Anerkennung als politischer Flüchtling bemühten, durch Kameradschaftliche Beeinflussung dazu gebracht, wieder in die Heimat zurückzukehren.

Loosely translated into English (I’m really sorry about the stacked modifiers – that’s probably the hardest thing about translating German): “Together with what we have already told you, we’d like to share the following: In the eight weeks since our organization has begun its work, through friendly influence we have convinced 100 people who were already in Berlin to be recognized as political refugees to instead return to their homes.”

And it’s not like they’re doing this surreptitiously! They’re bragging about it in a letter to one of West Germany’s most powerful politicians, the chair of the party in power, and a political refugee himself (he had been leader of the eastern branch of the conservatives before getting kicked out by the communists). This, along with that good amount of circumstantial evidence, should be enough to make a good case.

That’s it – I might as well just come home now.


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